20. März 2016
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71, LB, Christian Kirksley; No

35, G, Joel Bitonio; No. 71, LB, Christian Kirksley; No. 94, RB, Terrance West; No. Each rancher brought at least one wagon and team of horses to haul the oats to the threshing machine, and if this man was at our ranch, he’d let me drive his team. I was 10 or 11 years old. His wife congregated with the other women all morning, preparing a big midday dinner for all the hands working on the threshing crew..

In addition to being a boiling cauldron of musical creation, well documented in this week’s cover story, Memphis is a city of world class record stores. Both Goner Records and Shangri La Records have been celebrated, by Rolling Stone and others, as being among the best in the country or in the world. And there are others in their ranks as well, as reported thoroughly last year by Cady Jones in the Choose901 blog..

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