30. August 2015
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), and Delaurier, Krzyzewski has one of the best

Not enough to bother me. Actually, I looking forward to it, because driving the economy off a cliff is the ONLY way to get the Repubs to pay attention to anyone besides their rich masters demanding more tax cuts for the wealthy. It like training a mule first you gotta hit it in the head with a two by four, just to get its attention.

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cheap nba Jerseys from china Between Bagley, Wendell Carter (12.6 ppg., 8.7 rpg.), and Delaurier, Krzyzewski has one of the best rebounding groups he has ever had (they are currently 3rd in the country in rebounding margin), and with most of the ACC playing small and North Carolina’s freshmen big men only marginally productive the Blue Devils should dominate on the boards at both ends of the court in ACC play. Duke is also efficient at the offensive end (7th in assist to turnover ratio) and the freshmen are gradually becoming comfortable behind the arc. The problem, as demonstrated in their loss to Boston College, is in defending the 3 point line (189th in 3pt.% defense), a problem caused in part by Krzyzewski’s lack of confidence in his perimeter bench. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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