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For instance, a photographer may want to incorporate

In Chicago, black people are roughly 30 percent of the city’s population, but account for 72 percent of coronavirus deaths. Only 14 percent of Michigan residents are black, yet black people comprise 40 percent of COVID 19 fatalities in the state. In Arizona, Native Americans are about 6 percent of the state’s population but 16 percent of COVID 19 deaths.

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First of all, the theme that is best for you will depend on what kind of site you want to build. While some themes are relatively customizable for different purposes, there are specialty themes that may be more appropriate for your subject matter. For instance, a photographer may want to incorporate a portfolio of his work into his site and offer online proofs and ordering of reprints, so he may want to take a look at themes for WordPress that feature slideshows or galleries, or themes that would complement such features.

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