1. Mai 2016
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Here how to cope with the anxiety and fear

The coronavirus can be a deadly disease, but we also know that it most likely to be deadly in people who already have a weakened immune system.Here how to cope with the anxiety and fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.1. Don Inflate the RiskOur brains are used to taking something that is made to sound scary and unknown, and inflating the risk of it actually happening to us. It a part of our brain intrinsic, built in fight or flight response.

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The buildup of labourers at borders with delays and hurdles in crossing over is a sure recipe for disease and unrest. Lockdown 4.0 should gradually ease into what we can call a “new normal” where people maintain distancing as far as possible and follow basic hygiene instructions like wearing masks and washing hands, while governments focus on beefing up healthcare systems. The economy is in a parlous state, and livelihoods must take precedence now..

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