4. August 2015
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Hotel guests are receiving meals and support

https://www.wholesalejerseynba.com cheap nba Jerseys from china At least three counties including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach plan on closing down beaches and parks from Friday 3 July to prevent overcrowding as coronavirus cases continue to spike.In a statement, Miami Dade County mayor Carols Gimenez condemned those who were not adhering to measures on social distancing and mask wearing and appealed to “common sense”.The mayor also warned that Miami’s beaches and parks could continue to be closed down.”As we continue to see more Covid 19 positive test results among young adults and rising hospitalisations, I have decided that the only prudent thing to do to tamp down this recent uptick is to crack down on recreational activities that put our overall community at higher risk,” said Mr Gimenez.He added that “this new order will be targeting those who are being most irresponsible and endangering our community’s health and our economic recovery.”All beaches and parks in Miami Dade County will close between Friday 3 July and Tuesday 7 July, whilst gatherings and parades with more than 50 persons are prohibited.At the same time, beaches in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County will be closed between Friday 3 July and Sunday 5 July, said mayor Dean Trantalis on Sunday.”The reason why we’re doing this is because we feel that we will not be able to provide the necessary safe environment that everyone is entitled to enjoy when they come to our beaches,” said Mr Trantalis.”Our businesses will remain open all the restaurants, all the T shirt shops, all the retail shops everything will be open,” he continued.”It is an unfortunate result, but public health remains the focus of the elected leaders of Palm Beach County,” said Mr Kerner. “Unfortunately, this Fourth of July will not be spent at the beach.”Those announcements came as more than 9,500 new Covid 19 cases were reported in Florida on Saturday, surpassing the previous 24 hour high seen on Friday, which had 9,000 new cases.Florida has now seen almost new 24 hour highs each day since mid June, and some 132,000 cases 3,300 deaths overall.Read more Biden campaign is 35% people of colour and 53% women, new data showsFlorida bans alcohol in bars as coronavirus case numbers spikeFlorida breaks virus record confirming almost 9,000 cases in one dayAlmost half of US states report increasing Covid 19 infectionsFlorida health care worker and 15 friends get Covid 19 by going to barFlorida, Texas and Arizona see highest single day Covid 19 casesAfghanistan war: Trump got written briefing on bounties reports sayOn Monday, the New York Times, citing two unnamed US officials, said the intelligence assessment had been included in the President Daily Brief report a written document with key government intelligence in February. CNN and the have also reported that the president received the intelligence in a written briefing earlier this year, without specifying when.

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wholesale nba basketball Just as strange with 0:03 seconds remaining before half time Florida State’s kicker Aguayo missed a 54 yard field goal bouncing it off the left upright. The redshirt sophomore has only missed three field goals all year. “I just missed a couple throws here and there, but that’s the thing with our offense is you start building a rhythm up, the offense has to go a little bit.” Mariota remarked, “Hats off to the guys because they’re finding ways to get open, that defense is very athletic and it’s tough to kind of find spots in the zone or run away from man coverage.”The wheels came off for Florida State in the third quarter and the Seminoles never recovered. wholesale nba basketball

cheap jerseys nba cheap jerseys nba As we work together with Dane County to protect some of our most vulnerable, we have added a seventh area hotel to the group that is providing rooms to higher risk homeless persons. The total number currently being sheltered in hotels is about 365, which includes about 55 families. Hotel guests are receiving meals and support services. cheap jerseys nba

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wholesale nba jerseys If and when the Aces return to the field, will we be able to watch? Will there be bobblehead, blanket, jersey and hat giveaways? Will we have to stand six feet apart in line for an hour or more just to get into the stadium? Will we have to sit six feet apart? Will we have to wear a mask? Will teams in the Aces’ Pacific Division still travel across the country to play teams in the American Division? Will the Aces schedule consist of just 35 games each against Fresno, Sacramento, Salt Lake and Las Vegas? Will teams financially be able to turn on the lights and play night games? Will there be more doubleheaders so teams can save on hotel and meal costs on the road? It’s quite likely more than a few ownership groups will disappear in the next few years because of this pandemic. The Aces were 15th in the Pacific Coast League last year in attendance out of 16 teams. The Aces’ top four average attendance years were the first four years (2009 12) the team was in Reno (6,481 in 2009, 6,218 in 2010, 6,089 in 2011, 5,415 in 2012) wholesale nba jerseys.


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