13. August 2016
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I had the video posted to me a few days later but

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Serving as the program’s curtain raiser, Claude Pascal (a name invented by Kylin to signify something he elects not to explain in the house program) has all the trademarks of the choreographer’s latter day style: a sleek, stark dcor, here with swiveling mirrored panels; elegant, stylized period (here Edwardian) costume contrasted with subtly sexy practice clothes; an enigmatic text in more than one language; an eerie, ominous atmosphere in which the beautiful is doomed to come to no good; bodies honed to perfection only to be put to ambiguous purpose. The costumed passages are duly absurdist; the pure dance passages, charged with disaffection and anomie. Much of this mishegaas is new to Kylin, but dance fans on several continents, having been subjected to it for some time, may not need to have their dancing served up with lines like “When you switch off the light, you see only the inside of yourself.” On second thought, they may find them oddly applicable to the choreography at hand Cheap Jerseys free shipping.


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