27. Mai 2015
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I not really one to speak out and be loud

It’s very, very weird. We miss our fans very much. It was just a very different match.”Sky’s Martha Kelner reflects on the Bundesliga’s resumption outside Borussia Dortmund’s game with Schalke. “We have a very young team, and I am the second eldest in the team and I only 25. I not really one to speak out and be loud, so I wasn selected for that reason, but I do commit to things when I say I will. Maybe I lead by example that way..

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The people of this Department are not only working extremely hard, they are also invested in helping each and every Tennessean who is eligible for unemployment. We have made tremendous progress over the last two months, but we know we have much more progress to make. In order to keep up the momentum, unemployment division staff and our call centers will be open on Memorial Day..

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While he’s out enjoying his new single life, you’re still coping with a gaping hole in your chest where your heart used to be. Don’t lose hope. The sooner you can get moving, the better but you have to play it smart rather than just jumping on the instinct bandwagon..

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