7. November 2015
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” I said, “OK, I’ll talk to them

1. Billiou Stillwell Perine House, 1476 Richmond Rd., Dongan Hills: This historic treasure is believed to be Staten Island oldest residential building, with its earliest section, constructed of fieldstone, dating to the 1660s, when it was home to Pierre Billiou, leader of the first permanent European immigrant settlement. It was designated an official city landmark in 1967..

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I’m going back and forth, telling him it would be something great for him and the team. We’re doing our negotiation and he comes back and says, “Hey, you know what I’ll do it under one condition. That they put Spree and Sam with me.” I said, “OK, I’ll talk to them.” I talked to SI and at first they said no, we don’t do multiple player covers.

At this point, Westview’s reputation for pulling out improbable moments precedes itself. The mammoth home runs, go ahead hits and memorable wins throughout the years all stem from the same source, Martin says, Westview’s undeniable wave of positive energy that starts on the field, flows to the dugout and crescendos with Hollywood like endings. It’s why you see Westview celebrate each other’s successes with such emotion.

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