24. November 2015
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If you have startup procedures that aren’t automated

Each instance will experience a clean reboot and will be unavailable while the updates are applied to the underlying host. If you have startup procedures that aren’t automated during your instance boot process, please remember that you will need to log in and run them. We will need to do this maintenance update in the window provided.

canada goose canada goose black friday sale Today PaperThe ACT Meteors have crashed out of WNCL title contention after slipping to their fourth consecutive loss as captain Erin Osborne awaits scan results which could end her season. Tahlia Wilson unbeaten 64 guided the NSW Breakers to a comprehensive seven wicket win over the Meteors at Manuka Oval on Thursday. A Carly Leeson half century (56) steered the Meteors to 187 after they had slumped to 2 22 with Erica Kershaw and Anna Lanning failing to score. canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale The subsidy also goes to not for profits whose revenue has fallen 15 per cent, and very big companies with turnover of more than $1 billion if revenue has fallen 50 per cent.Mr Porter said under the new “JobKeeper enabling stand down” measure, businesses could cut a worker’s hours if the worker could not be “usefully employed”. But their hourly pay rate could not be changed and they could not be required to work more hours than they were paid for.The cut in hours must not be unreasonable and would be renewable by the Fair Work Commission, he said.Mr Porter said it would be unreasonable for someone to be asked to work “unreasonably far away” from where they live. The measure was designed to allow people to work from home and do duties not normally part of their job, but the changes must be necessary to save the job, he said.”If the viability of the job is at stake the employer can make the direction,” he said.Businesses will also be able to change a worker’s ordinary days of work and require them to use annual leave, as long as they had two weeks’ leave still remaining.Mr Porter said the changes to the Fair Work Act would drive flexibility into the system to save tens of thousands of jobs.The government’s JobKeeper scheme amounted to “$130 billion of life rafts going out to six million Australians whose jobs are on the line”, he said.. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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Canada Goose Outlet While labour law reforms are long overdue, the knee jerk reaction of some state governments during the lockdown boomeranged badly. While businesses need flexibility, labour needs protection. For this, the Centre and state governments have to recognise that it is not the spirit of the law that businesses resent; it is the endless and mindless paperwork, archaic irrelevant rules accompanied by penal provisions that have led to the inspector raj and corruption defining the current regulatory space. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose uk black friday For that reason, and the fact that Patrick Mahomes has a big arm that could help Kelce stretch the field more, Kelce is our top tight end for the moment. He and Gronk should go fairly close to each other in your draft, and it seems like the late second/early third is where the two will end up. If you land either of these two, you will be set at the tight end position for the year (barring an injury, of course) canada goose uk black friday.


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