9. Februar 2016
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It’s very much learning for the sake of learning

I have little interest in building academic portfolio to get a faculty job. It’s very much learning for the sake of learning. I want to go after big unsolved problems but don’t want to have any pressure. “It’s the most dangerous part of the peregrine falcon’s life,” said Schofield. “Their first flights are very awkward. Luckily, last year, both birds landed on other buildings on campus and there’s the potential for them to hit a building.

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Mark’s Church in New York, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, the Baker Theater in Athens, OH, The Festival of European Dance and Theatre in Prague, the Seoul Int’l Dance Festival, Hollins University, Ohio Univsersity, VCU, Cal State Long Beach, Columbia College, Cornell University, University of Illinois, NC School of the Arts, and the 92nd Street Y. It also was on the performance roster of the Lincoln Center Institute from 2000 2002. Mark has been on the faculty of the American Dance Festival since 1993.

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