27. August 2016
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Our call centers experience extremely high call

The space if highly praised and valued by close city folk only a 2 hour drive east or west of the narrow mountain range. The history feels like it was long long ago because so many people have been to and explored most of the area in a very short period of time compared to the rockies. At the same time, history feels like today as well because there are still so many remote towns hidden in the canopy of tree cover in small valleys..

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That gospel just put a hurt on me. So I went to “Oh Happy Days”. I started feeling the love baby and that bed just kind of dissipated like a puffy cloud on a good dry hot day.. Our call centers experience extremely high call volume daily. At the start of the pandemic, the Department had 20 people answering phones. Today that number is approximately 400 people.

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The differences long predate any government messaging during WWII. Though disheartening, the selfishness of some Americans today is nothing new.Imagine it was pretty much the same then, except we did not have 10 second news cycles, most of the media has reduced themselves to the level we once looked at with disdain, The National Enquirer. The only difference is the media drools and lusts for the next bit of controversy and negativity they can find.

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