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Swammi developed a national standard of rules for

In Thursday night’s preseason matchup with the Falcons, linebacker Avery Williamson was still playing late into the second quarter, while all other Jets starters were on the bench. Williamson was slow to get up after a play in the end zone where teammate Tevaughn Campbell collided with his right knee. An MRI exam later revealed the worst, a season ending torn ACL for the 27 year old Williamson..

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Some people find it disturbing that since he leans heavily on the idea that terror is something perpetrated by those of the Muslim faith, Trump might be leaning on media to downplay this event north of his border. Some Canadian journalists have even looked into US coverage of the attack and seen that US news outlets covered the attack on Parliament Hill by Michael Zehaf Bibeau three years ago much more heavily than they covered the Quebec shooting last month. Could it be the notoriously vocal President is staying quiet because this time “terrorism tables” are turned? Let’s hope not.

THE CLUB signed quarterbacks Kelly Stouffer and Doug Pederson, tight end Rob Coons and wide receiver Demeris Johnson on Friday.Of the four free agents, only Stouffer has extensive NFL experience. Stouffer, a first round pick by the Phoenix Cardinals in 1987, sat out his first season in a contract dispute and then played five season with Seattle. Stouffer, 29, played in 22 games, starting 16, completing 225 of 437 passes for 2,333 yards, with seven touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

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