30. August 2015
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Thanks for another great article, Heather

Yeah. Drove all night from Oklahoma. So that was pretty surreal. Made our bed to this point and we know we have to win out. We know the situation. We still got an opportunity this week to put us in position that if the cards fall the right way, we can still have our shot at the playoffs.

“Part of the appeal of show houses is the perfection with which everything is set up and styled,” says Roisin Lafferty. “They are, after all, designed to be desirable and aspirational.” She styles everything from the coat hanging on a coat hook, to the the perfect positioning of books or collectibles on a bookcase. “This isn always something we spend time on at home.

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Commodores coach Dyrri McCain said Lambert is “dynamic” and a “playmaker” on both sides of the ball he also plays defensive back. “I think early on, people were just talking about him being related to somebody,” McCain said. “Now he’s made his own name.

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