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The cast includes Kyle Wilson (Louis Ironson)

One of the things about your IP address is that it gives people the potential to track you, and that it also allows companies to develop online profiles about you. Google and other marketing companies are well known for doing this. They argue that IP addresses aren’t personal information, so there is no reason that they should be subject to the same restrictions as things like your real name or your address..

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Directed by Philip J. Vonada, the cast features some of the Community Theatre League favorite performers and volunteers. The cast includes Kyle Wilson (Louis Ironson), Aaron White (Prior Walter), Keith Wagner (Roy Cohn), Bridget Murphy (Harper Pitt), Nicholas Fischer (Joe Pitt), Isaiah Inch (Belize) and features Nancy Butts, Susan Guinter, Fred Hooper, Jason Kriner, Clay Samuels and Amy Straub..

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