11. April 2016
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“The fact that testing has become the Achilles’ heel

The Bucs stated fans remain fond of the team’s historic orange and white scheme, often called creamsicle uniforms, but Tampa Bay is blocked by NFL rules that only allow a team to have one set of helmets for its players during the entire season. The Buccaneers orange era helmets were white, not pewter. Many NFL teams, including the Buccaneers, are hopeful NFL rules regarding helmets will be altered to allow a second helmet color in the near future, but there will not be a throwback creamsicle uniform game during the 2020 21 season..

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cheap nfl jerseys “They’ve committed to 225,000, and I think we got 75,000 yesterday with another 125,000 that are supposedly days away, along with the tubes and the stuff that goes with them. Needs to test at least 900,000 people daily to safely reopen the economy, based on the 10% positivity rate and other key metrics. That goal is nearly three times the country’s current daily testing tally of about 360,000, according to figures compiled by the COVID Tracking Project website.”The fact that testing has become the Achilles’ heel that has made it hard for us to have a great national response to this pandemic is a tragedy,” said Dr. cheap nfl jerseys

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