28. August 2016
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There is also a chapter focusing on ways that kids

(May van Millingen for The Washington Post)My last stop in New Orleans before heading to the airport took me to Central Grocery in the French Quarter for a muffuletta. As I suspected, one of the city’s most famous eats has lots of like minded fans. “Half the sandwiches we sell wind up on a plane,” general manager John Coscino says of the classic created by the market’s Sicilian owners in the 1920s..

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So Sunday, for the first time in over 4 years, Brady and Manning will again do battle, flanked by two of the greatest to ever hit the links. And as a neophyte golf gambler I’ve entered some underground majors contests, but never won my approach is pretty simple: I’m taking the underdog duo. I’m coming for you on your own course.

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