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This effort is one of many that will help us reach a

After working Anime Central, I wish they come up with a hockey centric anime. I wish they get some current players to do the English versions. I wish there were a couple of YouTube type characters and they allow Steve Dangle to voice one of them (and if a podcast is shown/mentioned, that Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake voice the English version of the podcast too).

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I am proud that Madison is leading Wisconsin as the first city in the state to operate a solar charging station. This effort is one of many that will help us reach a goal to achieve 100% carbon neutral operations by 2030. Madison currently operates over 30 electric vehicles of different types.

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Chicago general manager Stan Bowman was unimpressed by his goaltending tandem of Crawford and Ray Emery, but didn lay the blame entirely on them telling NBC Sports, goaltending in general was not our strength this year. (But) I don think it fair to lay the blame on Crawford. You win as a team and you lose as a team.

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Not sure what you’re looking at, but my first house was a house hack. And my second one, and my third one. They’re a great way to save money on rent, get some hands on experience, and learn a lot from the inside. Other teams come behind us and let them try to live up to the legacy we leave. We wish them well and we wish them luck for there is not a team more special than this. Long may the halls of West Edmonton and rinks far and wide echo our cries of Jets Go and long live the 2012 Jr Jets.


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