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This will also add brand value to the store and give

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This doesn’t mean you should go teetotal, but just be a bit careful about what you drink, how much you drink and what mixers you use. Try and steer clear of the sugary, sweet mixers such as colas, choose alternatives such as low calorie tonic water. A good trick is to drink a long glass of cold water in between each alcoholic drink.

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Your relationship may be over but you will do everything in your power to make sure that is only a temporary thing. You know that you love your ex. You feel confident that your ex still loves you. It seems like such conventional knowledge that its better to own a property than to remain a tenant. While that’s true for many, some people don’t fully understand all the factors that come into play for homeowners to their advantage over the long term. On this episode of the AskBP Podcast, Scott Trench discusses the financial components that come into play for the owners of property, and the scenarios in which it might be better to just remain a renter.


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