23. Juli 2016
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Was high on having a winning football team again

Note: Don call it March Madness, that sounds like some sort of seasonal disorder, and its very alliterative nature sullies the sanctity and seriousness of this event. Also, it doesn hurt to call you boss “sir” once in a while. He think he on Mad Men or something.

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But even away from the cameras it seems like traffic has slowed down. It used to be just flowing with traffic you were going 10 15 mph over the limit. Now the “flow” seems to be right at or under the limit. “He just called me up out of the blue,” said Russell Feingold, new to Washington as a freshman Democratic senator from Wisconsin. “He said, ‘You seem to have a good record. Would you like to work with me?’ And I said ‘yeah.’ So I never knew exactly why he chose that moment to do it, but he did.”.

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