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You can go up to 20 miles on a single charge with an

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cheap jerseys nba Ask Tiffany Polizzi, of Bloomsburg, about her hopes and dreams for little Lyndsey, who is 5 weeks old, and she tell you she wants her new baby to be happy and healthy, like the other three. Newborn joins big sister Chloe, who is 18, and big brothers Carter, 14, and Tyler, 10 and since mom Tiffany already had three babies, she admits that, early in her pregnancy, she had a there, done that attitude.Later, it occurred to her that since it had been 10 years since Tyler was born, things might have changed a little.As it turned out, because of the coronavirus, her childbirth experience on April 4 was quite different from her previous three.Polizzi wore a mask part of the time during her labor, was tested for the potentially deadly coronavirus before she entered the hospital and was off from the rest of the world afterward.None of that was bad, said Polizzi, 39, who has nothing but praise for the care she received at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital. And by 10:30 we were welcoming Miss Lyndsey. cheap jerseys nba

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